90m/Roll Fiberglas Geogrid

Grundlegende Informationen
Herkunftsort: HEFEI, CHINA
Markenname: FUYUN
Zertifizierung: EN, ISO, CE, GB, BV,
Modellnummer: 125KN
Min Bestellmenge: 1200 Quadratmeter
Preis: USD 1.05-2.05 Square Meter
Verpackung Informationen: Verpackt in gesponnenen Taschen, 50-100m/roll, Breite 1-6m
Lieferzeit: 6 Tage
Zahlungsbedingungen: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, Paypal, MoneyGram,
Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit: 12000 Quadratmeter pro 8hours
Länge: 90m/roll Breite: 6M
scalation Rate: weniger als 3,9% Temperatur-Widerstand: von ℃ -105 zu ℃ 281
Dehnfestigkeit: 125KN/m Produktname: Überzogener Plastik 125KN zweiachsiges schwarzes Geogrid der Bitumen-Glasfaser-pp. für die Verstärku

125KN Fiberglas Geogrid


90m/roll Fiberglas Geogrid


geogrid 90m/roll für Straßenstabilisierung


Coated Bitumen Glass Fiber PP Plastic 125KN Biaxial Black Geogrid For Reinforcing Road Controlling Soil


Quick Detail:


material: glass fiber

function:  reinforce soil ground, strengthen pavement, prevent cracks of road

advantage: resistance of low cold, high temperature, corrosion and aging


Product Description:


Glass fiber geogrid is a kind of excellent geotechnical material used for:

1. reinforcing old road,

2. reinforcing pavement,

3. reinforcing subgrade,

4. reinforcing pavement.


It is an irreplaceable material for reflective cracks treatment on asphalt pavement. It is a semi-steel product made from high strength alkali free glass fiber by international advanced surface coating and light knitting.


More functions:

fisrtly, tensile strength is high

secondly, low elongation on both sides of the warp and weft

thirdly, excellent properties such as anti-aging and corrosion resistance, low cold resistance and high temperature resistance.


It is widely used in treinforcing cement pavement, asphalt pavement and subgrade, railway subgrade, protecting dam slope, sand control, protecting airport runway and other geotech projects.


It uses glass fiber non alkali and non twist roving as the main raw material and adopts certain weaving process to make the mesh mechanism material in order to protect the glass fiber and improve the overall performance.



Technical Parameter:


Features Specification GSB-30-30 GSB-40-40 GSB-50-50 GSB-80-80 GSB-100-100 GSB-125-125 GSB-150-150
Grid Mesh Size 12.7*12.7-25.4*25.4
Tensile Strength ( KN/m) Vertical 30 40 50 80 100 125 150
Horizontal 30 40 50 80 100 125 150
Elongation (%) 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Temperature Resistance -100~280 -100~280 -100~280 -100~280 -100~280 -100~280 -100~280




  • Reconstructing concrete cement pavement into composite pavement

  • Project of road renovation

  • Reinforcing old asphalt concrete pavement, enhance the asphalt surface layer to prevent pavement collapse
  • Restrain reflection cracks caused by plate contraction

  • The shrinkage cracks are produced in the semi-rigid base of the new road, and the reinforcement is used to prevent the pavement cracks caused by the reflection of the foundation cracks

  • Reinforcing soft soil foundation is conducive to the consolidation of soft soil, effectively restrain the settlement, uniform stress distribution and enhance the overall strength of subgrade

  • Prevention and treatment of cracks caused by new and old joint and uneven settlement


90m/Roll Fiberglas Geogrid 0




  • long service life, strength is high, resistance of high temperature, elongation is low, modulus is high, weight is light, good toughness, resistance of corrosion.
  • widely used in repair airport runway, old cement pavement, protecting slope,embankment and river bank, bridge and road pavement enhancement and other engineering fields.

  • prevent rutting fatigue crack, reinforce the pavement, and prolong the service life of the pavement, hot and cold expansion crack and reflection crack under the pavement, disperse pavement.

  • anti fatigue cracktensile strength is high and elongation is low, no long-term creep, good stability of physical and chemical, resistance of high temperature rut, resistance of low temperature shrinkage crack, delay and reduce reflection crack.




it is packed as a roll in pipe core, it has strengthened belt for unloading convenience and protecting production.


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It can be shipped in 6 days.  loaded carefully so that it can be well received. 20GP Container can load about 19 tons, 40HQ about 25 tons.


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Supply Ability:


around 24.5tons 8 hrs



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